Range and reliability

  • TAURUS special wire ropes 6, 8, 9-strand all-steel wire
    - compacted
    - with plastic-coated steel rope core
  • TAURUS special wire ropes anti-twist or non-rotating
    - compacted
    - with plastic-coated core rope
  • TAURUS special wire ropes for the forestry industry
  • Wire ropes as per DIN 3052 to DIN 3054
  • Wire ropes as per DIN EN 12385-4
  • Sling ropes for general lifting purposes as per DIN EN 13414-1 and 13414-3
  • Splicing of eyes for sling ropes as per DIN EN 13411-2
  • Ferules and ferule securing as per DIN EN 13411-3
  • Metal and resin socketing as per DIN EN 13411-4
  • Stainless steel ropes
  • Coated wire ropes
  • Fibre sling ropes (for applications including load-securing systems, sling bands, round slings, etc.)
  • Chains
  • Wire rope accessories

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